The Once Over

RLA The Once Over Geraldton Ceramics
A powerful solution that rejuvenates and revitalizes grout colour preserving the original look.

Tasman Chemicals Spray Seal

Tasman Chemicals Spray Seal Geraldton Ceramics
Tasman Chemicals Spray Seal 300g Can will make cleaning a breeze. Penetrates Quickly, Inhibits Stain absorption, easy spray application

Mapei UltraCare Kerapoxy Cleaner

Mapei Kerapoxy Cleaner Geraldton Ceramics
Ready to use spray cleaner to remove epoxy residues.

Maxisil Silicon Cleaner

Maxisil Cleaner Geraldton Ceramics
Ideal for the cleaning of substrate prior to Silicone application.

Sealersplus Ezy Clean+

EzyClean Plus Geraldton Ceramics
Ph Neutral and commercial grade disinfectant cleaner. Safe on stone, tile and grout. Inhibits mold growth.

B.A.T ECO SynSafe Acid

BATeco Synsafe Acid Geraldton Ceramics (2)
100% biodegradable Synthetic Acid is a replacement for traditional hydrochloric acid. The non-toxic, non-fuming chemical is ideal for grout haze removal, concrete etching, rust stain removal, and more